Brush Out


Short Hair - $10 All Breeds

Long Hair $18  Large/ Extra Large Breeds

Long Hair $12 Small/Medium Breeds

Undercoat Clean out $30

Reduce Dander and Shedding

Maintain Coat and Skin Health

Condition Paw Pads and Dry Noses

Detangle and Prevent Mattes

Clean out and maintain undercoats

Deodorize and Condition Coat

Social Walk


$16 per dog/ 1 walk

Let your dog socialize with other dogs

Keep your dog stimulated with a change of scenery

40-45 minute walk keeps your dog trim and healthy

Help your dog deter destructive behaviors from excess energy and boredom

Private Walk


$18 per dog / 1 walk

Provide one - on - one attention

for your dog

40-45 minute walk to keep your dog trim and healthy

Provide an opportunity for nervous dogs to work through anxieties

Ideal for establishing or improving leash manners



$26 / Night

Morning + Evening 60 - 90 minute Visit

Reduce your dog's stress while you're on vacation

Keep your dog at home

Some house sitting services included


Understand what your dog needs to succeed

Learn how to teach your dog new skills with every day use

Develop strategies for using commands to redirect unwanted behavior

Coming Soon!